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Data Tables Matter!
How you present data makes a world of difference


Data Tables like all other components align to a responsive grid structure and should maintain various visual alignment vertically and horizontally to insure visual consistency and ease of use.

Basic Rule

Integers are right aligned with consistent number of digits across a report or within a single column, all other types of data is left aligned.  Special exceptions to this rule and examples of each are listed below.

Column Header Row

Table Header

The column header row should be visually distinctive from all other rows within the data table.

Column header names should always be left (or center) aligned based on the overall theme of your application.

Row Based Header

When data is row nested and the data table contains row based headers they should be visually distinctive from all other columns within the table (and match the treatment used for column headers).

Row based header names should always be left aligned.

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Get Ready, Get Set,
Record Your iPad Screen!
User test your iPad Apps


Let’s face it, observing user behaviors and remembering everything they did or didn’t do is difficult. The more time that has elapsed between the test session and when you surface the results the more likely that details will start to get muddier or your own bias will start to enter the picture.  That’s where tools like Camtasia and other video recording apps are great for evaluating and disseminating the results of user testing.

A computer in a controlled environment or mobile recording on Android has been available for a long time.

The UX testing problem is that Apple (for security reasons) has disabled the ability to record the screen and interactions of its users on iPhone and iPads.

These screens are smaller and getting close enough to the test subject to see what they are doing is uncomfortable for the person being tested and adds to their anxiety.

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Fact or Fiction
Do we support all users?


I was surfing Linkedin the other day and came across this image and at first I liked it. I think its in our UX DNA to agree with this statement but then it got me thinking. Is this a true statement or is it short sighted?

As UX professionals its our job to champion the user. But who is the user? Before you answer this question or go into the methods to surface all your user types lets first look at a few things.

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