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About Me

My name is Brian Coy and I’m an award winning Visual Designer and User Experience Architect with a passion for designing creative interfaces that allow users to easily accomplish complex tasks.

Everyday I am thankful for how fortunate I have been. I am one of the lucky few; doing what I love.

– History

I started my career working inside of a closet with a CD player that played songs that I didn’t choose. But this CD player and the work I was doing became one of the largest radio stations in Chicagoland, 97.1fm the Drive.

It was during this time of “Webmasters” where every design and line of code came from a single person.

I took this radio station’s revenue from 0 to $2 million in less than 2 years at a time when website advertising and programs where given away with an on air buy. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was doing user experience. I asked about the radio station demographics, lifestyle and what was important to them, I took a deep look at the analytics and gathered insights. I learned about demographic indexes and started to go on sales calls to learn about our clients and their customers. I found my passion, users and creating websites/products that they cared about.

From here I spent 7 years working in the analytics big data world and help drive insights while helping build and manage a team of world class UX professionals…. Its here where I developed my mantra “Single Data, Multi-access”.

One of the biggest challenges was while working in the world of big data.  The company I was working for bought 5 companies in 2 years and needed the team to create a unified SaaS platform.  The challenges where different client account systems, technology, visual and charting libraries as well as bringing together 5 different visual designs.  And did I mention championing the user?

It here along with additional UX training that gave me my unique perspective on the balance of innovation, business needs and understanding how to push the limitations of a wide variety of technologies and product methodologies.

– Mantra

“Single Data, Multi-Access”

While UX is often hired to do visual its not all that the job entails.  Companies have data and when done correctly is a single source that can be formatted to the needs of the user.

I’m a firm believer in letting the user work the way they want (as long as a company can support it).  This means that you deliver your solutions on multiple devices and in different ways.  This can be an API where the UX designer becomes a partner in helping users gain access and understanding of how the API works.  This can also be plug-ins for Excel, PowerPoint and other programs.  It can be feed ingestion.  The entry points can be as diverse as the needs of your users.

The key to adopting this methodology it understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each delivery method.  Knowing what NOT to put into an entry point is extremely important.

– Experience

I’m a builder and particularly adept at educating, building and creating teams.  In my career I’ve often been the first UX resource working for a company which gives me the ability to mentor, put together methodologies, support policies and educate.

I’ve spent over 14 years developing and creating web experiences, consumer and B-to-B solutions.  My background allows me to understand how to balance business needs with user and technologies.  This allows me to not only cost effective solutions but see beyond the “ask” and understand the direction that a product is heading.  This helps avoid products from reaching a “redo” or “deadend”.

– Personal

I’m creative.  I paint, draw and express myself through visual design.  I have a passion for stop motion animation and characters.

I collect urban toys, Legos and the artwork of other artists.