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    Smashed Can Painting

    Alternate Art Surfaces

    April 5th, 2011

    One of things I often talk about with artist whom are in a funk or just want to push themselves outside their comfort zone is alternate materials.  To be an artist you don’t have to run down to the local art supply store and purchase hundreds of dollars in materials just to make good even fantastic art.

    Alternate materials can be milk cartons, walls, sand, sidewalks and basically anything that has a surface.  Look at tattoo artist for example they use the human body.  These of course are alternate canvases (places to put your art on) what about the materials used to draw with themselves?  You could burn the end of a stick and use the ash to draw, go grab some paint samples from your local hardware store, food and of course you could take this to extremes and use other alternative materials.

    I also find in my experience that when I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone to really break loose the first thing I do is isolate myself from others.  Now before anyone says anything each of us has a different way of working and in most cases I want that interaction and reaction from others both creatively and non-creatively.  But in my case having others see what I’m working on can ultimately cause me to second guess, evaluate and mislead me.  For me the last thing I want to do is get comfortable again due to something someone said.

    I’ve gathered here a few examples of alternative surfaces from various artist that might help you be inspired and go in a new exciting direction.


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