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    Recently while surfing the internet I came across a really nice set of Photoshop Textures which I could download and use all for the price of a Tweet.  Being the hoarder I am, I quickly posted a tweet about the file using a simple button push and was directed to more »

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    What a face

    Make a Face Project

    January 12th, 2011

    Every once in a while a design project comes along with the community in mind. Yesterday I came across the “Make a Face” project on deviantArt. An incredible artist that goes by the name of kizer180 placed a simple face template up on his page for others to download and let artist from anywhere submit their version of the face.

    Check out the “Make a Face” project here

    Get the template here (PhotoShop PSD)

    I plan to take a crack at this project and will post the results here and on deviantArt.

    Image above by t-wei

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